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At the origin of back pain, in many cases, there is our lifestyle: incorrect habits, wrong postures, a sedentary lifestyle. But not only that: since man lost his four-legged position, the lower part of the column had to adapt to a series of efforts for which it was not initially designed: this led to the appearance of back pain, a pain characteristic of the human race. From Santa Clarita Center for Pain Management this you need to have the best person.

Spending a lot of time in the sitting position today has further increased the problems:

For this reason everyone suffers at least once in the life of back pain: but there is no need to resign. Everyone’s lifestyle has a fundamental role to play. Learning what to do and what not to do in everyday life helps prevent and fight back pain that comes from our incorrect lifestyle habits

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  • Back pain: the causes
  • Back pain: causes

Speaking of the back we refer to a complex system of structures, composed of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, intervertebral discs, nerves and tendons. An inflammation or injury that involves even just one of these elements can cause the pain we identify as back pain.

  • Surely overweight and obesity are a very common cause of back pain, as is a sedentary lifestyle, incorrect postures and the type of mattress you sleep on.
  • The so-called high back pain, that is the one located in the area of ​​the back corresponding to the chest, is less frequent than that concerning the lumbar area (low back pain or low back pain) or the cervical area, but it too can have various causes.

Among the most frequent there are posture errors and repeated movements, generally linked to specific work situations, traumas, sometimes microscopic, deriving from sports or sudden and violent physical efforts, such as lifting an object that is too heavy without taking the due precautions or without using the right techniques


Low back pain is a much more frequent disorder (it is estimated that 8 out of 10 people have suffered at least one source, “Back pain: causes, costs and therapies. The causes of low back pain can be the most varied, and of different gravity. Among the most serious problems there are those caused by hernias or disc protrusions and arthritis of the articular ties, which becomes more common with increasing age.

More frequent and, at least initially, less severe are back pain resulting from muscle contractures or inflammation, particularly of the lumbar and dorsal muscles.

In addition to physical factors, there are also aspects related to psycho-emotional stress that can be a cause of back pain. The contraction of the muscles of this area, caused by tension, can influence the vascularization, reducing the supply of blood and therefore of oxygen, limiting the movements.

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